Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Talking about corn

 My corn has done really well this year. I planted it in mid spring, and didn't coddle it too much aside from some sheep manure and a few waterings with comfrey tea while it was young. I planted it in a block and it seems quite happy, basking in the sun and the leaves shushing in the wind. Now it's ready to harvest, and while some ears either didn't develop properly or have gone to seed, most of them are plump and ripe and full of lovely pearly kernels. This variety is Honey Pearl.

  The tops of the corn are in the perfect spot to catch the early morning sunbeams. I can see them from my window as I have breakfast, which always makes it look like the perfect summer morning.

My favourite way to cook fresh corn: Trim the cob at top and bottom but don't remove the husks. Put the cob in the microwave and cook for one minute. Cut the top and bottom off the cob, peel away the husks and there is your fresh, sweet, beautiful corn. It's easy to run a sharp knife down the side of the cob and slice away the kernels if, like me, you don't like getting it stuck in your teeth.

I've also read that you can freeze corn by putting the unpeeled cob straight in the freezer. I'll probably try that with the rest of the harvest, but that's only if I get sick of eating it fresh!


  1. Lovely corn, ours was a total fizzer this year, just too dry and windy nowhere good to grow it really. Enjoy!

    1. Oh that's a shame! I had a few flop crops this year so I'm just glad that this one worked out :)



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