Saturday, 15 February 2014

February flowers

 This has been an exciting month in my garden, because several plants I've grown from seed or bought as tiny plantlets have flowered for the first time. Among them are astrantia, which I was starting to think might never flower, but I'm so glad it has with its delicate feathery bracts. There's also a frilly pink poppy which was part of a seed package from Trade Me, and a dusky pink foxglove I grew from seeds from my mum's garden. My roses are having another flush, so things are looking pretty bright around here!

Clockwise: monarch butterfly on echinacea Hope, white astrantia, Claire Rose, hydrangea, cosmos, Peace rose, liriope muscari, purple petunia, cactus dahlia, dusky pink foxglove, pink peony poppy, Sexy Rexy rose. Middle: Moody blue summer posy of hydrangeas, lambs ears, scabiosa and polemonium seed heads.

 In other exciting news, I got a snowberry bush! I'd been trying to track one down after seeing them in the Flower Recipe Book but the nurseries didn't have any. One even told me that "no one wants it anymore". Luckily the nice people at Portstone Garden Centre got it in for me and I'm very grateful - especially since it's recently started flowering! This means I'll have pretty berries this winter.

If I didn't have the berries to look forward to I'd pick these flowers - aren't they sweet? Perhaps I'll have to get another bush!

I'm scheduling this post in advance as I'm at an important birthday event today! When I next get to my computer I'll be linking to Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Hope your garden is treating you well this weekend!


  1. How nice, you're in summer, Ruth! Sun, warmth, blue sky and your flowers--all look very healthy, especially my favorite roses! Lovely yellow rose!
    I have a snowberry bush as well and it's very strange: it flowers but hasn't 'snow berries' at all. Sometimes I see some white berries and birds see them too.
    Have a nice day!

    1. Thanks Nadezda, and I'm glad you mentioned that about the snowberries disappearing. I'll keep a close eye on mine and possibly net it from the birds. That's if it develops berries at all; I really hope it does!



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