Monday, 3 February 2014

Summertime Iced Fruit Tea

 On a hot summer weekend I love having a jug of iced tea in the fridge. It's great if you're having guests around and it's just too hot for tea or coffee, and makes a nice alternative to overly sweet fizzy drinks. I like to make it the night before so the flavours have time to mingle.

Makes about 800 ml

6 fruit flavoured herbal tea bags (I like strawberry, blackcurrant or cranberry, and you could even throw in a couple of a tea you're trying to use up like apple and camomile!)
Juice of 3 oranges + 1 orange for garnish
3 tablespoons of lime juice or syrup
Honey, to taste (I use about 2 tbsp, briefly microwaved to be liquid, but you may want more if you are accustomed to sweet drinks)
200ml water (soda water if you want to be fancy)
3-4 sprigs of mint

Make the tea with about 500ml boiling water. Leave to steep for 5 mins then remove the teabags and cool in the fridge.

If serving immediately, chill your jug and all ingredients in the fridge. Squeeze and strain orange juice, then add all ingredients to the chilled jug and stir. Chop up your extra orange and add to the jug. Any in-season fruit like berries or sliced apples also makes a good garnish! Don't forget to eat your oranges and other garnishes - they taste great once they have soaked up the tea flavours.

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