Monday, 30 September 2013


For the past month I've been excitedly waiting for my ranunculus flowers to bloom. The buds are swelling and the petals are colouring. It's all the more exciting because in autumn I put in a pack of pastel ranunculus bulbs, which I've never seen flower before. What will they be like?

 Finally, one opened enough to tell. It seems to be a reddish pink shot through with yellow. Interesting!

 But on the plant next door, heartbreak as I discover that something has been in and eaten all the petals away! It's just an empty green cage. I don't even know what colour it was going to be.

 I picked the first pastel bloom and a couple of brights and tried out another recipe from the Flower Recipe Book. It was meant to be made with poppies and roses and ranunculus but I had to substitute the first two. I had jasmine buds to use though. And I substituted freesias for lilies. It smells lovely!

Here's the inspiration pic. I'll try it again in a few months, when my itty bitty poppy seedlings have some blooms!


  1. Your ranunculus looks beautiful! Its color, reddish pink , is rare for ranunculus, isn't it? I've never seen that color of it around here. It's always exciting to see flowers which you've been growing from bulbs. And sorry for another one. Your arrange looks gorgeous!! I think jasmine becomes an accent! You're so talented!!

    1. Yes, I think it is quite an unusual colour. Normally they are very bright pink, red, orange and yellow. I have all those ones too but it's nice to have some more muted colours! I'm quite happy with the arrangement - I like how it still works even though I used different flowers :)



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