Monday, 14 October 2013

Pretty October

 I think October is my favourite month. Everywhere you go there is fresh growth, new flowers, and the beautiful softness of spring. Driving around town is a pleasure and you can almost forget the road works by concentrating on the shrubs lining roads and overhanging fences. Blossoms, magnolias, rhododendrons, clematis, camellias and numerous others. Such a pretty time.

 My clematis is in full swing. It was hanging quite untidily but I held off pruning it knowing the flowers would soon arrive. And here they are, fondant pink and sugar scented. They'll only last a week or two more and then I'll cut the bush back. 

 Another fleeting sight is my pink rhododendron. It's so eye catching when it's in bloom - I love glimpsing it out of the windows. I wish it lasted longer than a few weeks.

 Blackbirds are enjoying the blossom in the cherry tree. This one was keeping an eye on me as I weeded the garden. He just wanted me to lay some mulch so he could have a good dig through it.

We've been having classic spring weather - warm and sunny one minute, thunder and rain the next. I love watching the sky change.

Gumboots are a neccessity!

Evening light is dramatic when shining through new leaves. I love daylight saving time - it just feels so right. 


  1. Very pretty in your garden. I just adore rhododendrons - yours is fabulous. They don't grow here. :( Azaleas do, but for some reason, not in my garden. :( :( Anyway, your clematis is fabulous - and I loved your description of 'fondant pink and sugar scented'! Looks like your spring is going to be gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Holley! It is shaping up to be gorgeous. So fleeting though... in a couple of weeks all I'll have left is brown petals and a memory :)

  2. Your clematis is just gorgeous! Love those little flower-type clematis! But I don't have those types, would love to get one! The scene from your window is beautiful even in the rain. It reminds me of Claude Monet's pictures... You seem to enjoy wonderful spring! Oh, the tiny shop I posted before has a website. The URL might be deleted, if I post it here, so, I'll let you know via e-mail, later:)

    1. Oh, I love that - Claude Monet's pictures! That is a perfect thought to have when looking out a rainy window. Yes, spring has been pretty wonderful! The weather is changeable but that's to be expected :)



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