Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Spring snapshots

A few snapshots to remember what spring is like. Fresh green leaves unfolding, blossoms and buds. The grass is lush and pure green - not dry, brown and speckled with dandelions as it will be later in the summer. The garden beds are looking fuller and the bare patches are diminishing. I'm enjoying the architectural quality of the shrubs and trees before they are fully clothed and hidden again. 

Hope you're having some happy promising days in your garden this September.


  1. Nice shoes! Especially with those tights!
    Spring is a lovely time, I wish I could just skip the whole winter and go straight to spring, I suppose if I lived half the year in Britain and half the year in New Zealand I could actually do that – having two houses on each side of the globe would require a better economy than I have though! Looking forward to seeing how your spring garden develops.

    1. Thanks, they bring a bit of sparkle when watering the garden, haha :) I would love to have a house on each side of the globe but I think I'd need a private jet too! Or maybe a chartered cruise ship - hmm wouldn't a gardening cruise be fun? I think I'll be saving for quite a while before either of those becomes a reality!!



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