Saturday, 30 March 2013

Getting things done

I've been having some busy times of late. It's that time of year when you suddenly realise you're on the cusp of winter. Pretty soon there will be no daylight in the evening, the days will be cold and short, and every odd job that's lying around will be put off till the following summer. So I've been trying to finish as many odd jobs as possible.

There's a lot to do in the garden of course, mainly weeding. Also spent annuals to clear out and replace,  winter vege seedlings to nurture, shrubs to move and bulbs to plant. In anticipation of days and nights stuck inside I've increased my houseplant collection. Some potting on and arranging needs to be done with that.

I did a bit of sewing and some Easter craft (more on that tomorrow) and the craft room is once again a bomb site. (Not that it bothers Mr Lui.) I also made hot cross buns and they were just gorgeous fresh out of the oven. I'm actually planning to let a few go stale so I can make a bread and butter pudding from them... yum!

And of course, every time I visit the potager there is end-of-season produce that needs to be dealt with...
- basil (make pesto; freeze leaves)
- tomatoes (dry; make relish; eat as many fresh as possible)
- cauliflowers (chop and freeze)
- sweet corn (remove kernels and freeze)
- some ridiculously gigantic carrots that I'd forgotten about (??? I don't even know what to do with them all! Add grated carrot to every dish I cook I suppose)
- apples (cut out codling infested bits, stew then freeze; make cider with the rubbish ones)
- peppers (chop and freeze)
- chillis (chop, carefully, wearing gloves, then freeze; dry the late ones)

So there is a pile of produce on the end of the bench awaiting my attention, and as soon as I deal with one thing then another takes its place. Can't complain too much though as I'll be heading into winter with a freezer full of my own produce, and that thought is very satisfying.

I've been a bit late with replying to comments and visiting other blogs. Sorry about that... I don't think it will be long before the change of seasons means I'm spending much more time on the computer. Until then I'll be outside enjoying the golden days of autumn or in the kitchen dealing with my harvest.


  1. You've been working so hard, you've worn out the cat! ;0) How exciting to be going into winter with a freezer full of your own produce! Your garden looks beautiful, and those hot cross buns look delicious!

    1. Ha ha! Yes that cat doesn't need much excuse to lie down and sleep. Your'e right, it is a good feeling to have a freezer full of produce. That's why I make myself spend the time and chop it all up!



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