Saturday, 9 March 2013

12 Unfinished Projects - #2

 At long last the white polka dot skirt is finished. It wasn't a difficult project but it was definitely time consuming, and while I'm reasonably happy with it I'm not sure if the time spent made it a whole lot better than if I'd used a simpler pattern. I do like the length of it though and the high waistband is perfect for accenting with a belt.

 This is the pattern I used. I found it when I was cleaning out my craft room. I don't remember how I came to have it, but it's from 1974. It had a instruction sheet which was fairly self explanatory, although I had to refer to some other books for help with the zipper. It only took me 3 attempts to get that in, and it's just a little wonky! In the end the skirt was a little snug around the hips and a little loose in the waist. I could probably spend a bit more time fixing it but you know... I'm kind of over it now. If I find some great fabric I may make another one and I should be able to do it a lot quicker! 

 According to the pattern this skirt is 'mini length'. I must say I like this length a lot better than today's mini skirts, which are almost indecent a lot of the time. Seems to be the only length available in many shops too. All the more reason to sew your own.

 I made several skirts over the summer, starting with this super easy one that turned out to be my favourite. It's from Issue 16 of Mollie Makes magazine, which they excerpted from Sew What You Love by Tanya Whelan. Basically you just cut out a simple skirt shape, sew up the side seams, then machine stitch shirring elastic round and round the top until you have about 6 rows to make your waistband. (Here's a basic video that shows sewing with shirring elastic:

For this skirt, since it was a practice one I used a sheet that I'd bought at the op shop. It turned out to be lovely and soft and light to wear, perfect for summer... and it hardly cost anything.

After that I made this polka dot number with a cute ruffle at the bottom. I have plans for more skirts of different lengths with bigger ruffles, pockets, lace trims and ribbon trims. But for now of course, I have to get going on March's unfinished project which is going to be the rag doll. (I'm planning to sew her a mini shirred skirt!)

Do you sew any of your own clothes? What's your favourite pattern?


  1. All of them are adorable! I used to sew most of my clothes, but rarely sew anything now - maybe curtains, when I need them. Summer skirts are so versatile. You can dress them up or down, and they are cuter and cooler than jeans or even shorts. I bet you'll get a lot of wear out of these. And you are adorable, too!

    1. Aww thanks Holley! It's not really economical to sew clothes these days unless you can find super cheap fabric, but it's very satisfying when it actually works!

  2. The polka dot skirt is a lovely shape, well done. I envy those who sew, as I have never had the stick-to-it-ness to gain much skill. Too impatient.

    1. Thanks Lyn, I think it is a skill gained from much experience! And I'm still trying to gain enough to avoid constantly repeating the same mistakes :)



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