Thursday, 21 March 2013

Corners of my home: craft room

I recently spent a bit of time tidying up my craft room. I use the term 'tidying up' loosely, as it will never be completely tidy in there, just that the random piles of stuff have been swept together to make neater piles and a few things have been hidden under the table instead of on top. Anyway, it's as presentable as it gets, so I thought I'd share a few photos.

The white cabinet is one that I refurbished. It was a dark wood that was scratched and water stained. It has lovely leadlight doors that I still need to paint... this should actually be added to my unfinished projects list as it's certainly been sitting there long enough. It holds all my vases and display stuff and makes a perfect spot for Mr Lui to sun himself.

As you can see this is a lovely sunny room with great light all day long. The stack of vintage suitcases holds yarn, ribbons and gift wrapping supplies. On my desk I have little drawers for beads, stamps, stickers and papercraft supplies.

Artwork and knick knacks to inspire.

This is the fabric storage wardrobe. Yes, that is a power cord coming out the bottom... for some bizarre reason the only power point in this room is in the wardrobe.

I used to keep all my fabric in plastic storage bins, all stacked up on top of each other. When I wanted to use them I had to drag them all out and dig through like a puppy. So, I bought some cheap bookcases from The Warehouse, laid them on top of each other, and then I was able to organise and arrange the fabrics by colour and fabric type. Now it's so much easier to see what I have!

As soon as the photos were taken I began using the room again and it soon regressed to its natural state. Currently the sewing machine is out, the ironing board is out and covered with fabric scraps and sewing detritus, and the floor and every available surface is piled with more junk in need of organising. I envy people who can be tidy while they craft... that certainly isn't me!


  1. It certainly looks tidy to me! What a luxury to have a whole room for your projects.

  2. I don't think that is messy..looks tidy, to me, too! what a beautiful creative room:-)robbie

  3. Thanks Lyn and Robbie... it looks tidy because I shuffled a lot of the mess into a corner, then made sure I had my back to it when I took the photos ;) Trick photography!



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