Monday, 28 November 2011

You go away for one weekend...

...and look what happens.
 Sexy Rexy is the first of the new roses to flower. Only the one bloom, and it was almost overblown by the time I saw it, but I appreciate the effort.

I also spied one tiny bloom tucked away on Cecile Brunner. I cut this rose back hard every year (because she can take it!) so she takes a little longer to bloom than other people's.

I've been away this weekend doing garden tours for the Timaru Festival of Roses. Eight gardens were open to the public and I took pictures at each, so there will be plenty to show you over the next few days. I tell you what, my own garden looks shabby in comparison! Not to mention weedy. I got to work today with a big sprayer full of Roundup and felt slightly more on top of things. Slightly.

See you back here tomorrow for the first garden tour post!


  1. sounds like you had a great weekend. Cant wait to see the photos.

  2. Now I see why Sexy Rexy is so popular! And Cecile Brunner is so beautiful and such a sweet color. Glad you got back in time to enjoy them.



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