Saturday, 12 November 2011

Oh the cute!

Lui and I have a cute new book to share with you today. Yes, you read the title right, it's called Crafting With Cat Hair. Yes, that does mean you use your kitty's excess fluff to make cute little things. Don't shave your cat though - the book's author expressly cautions against it.

The first project you can make is a cat hair finger puppet! Customise it using your cat's own colours of fur! I do think this is super cute, and I'd like to make a little mini Lui. Probably I would just use shop bought wool roving, since Lui's lovely black and shining white fur combines to a not very attractive grey mass.

Step by step instructions are included for collecting cat hair. My favourite is this: "Even if you usually forgive your cat for scratching you, you should still do your best not to get scratched in the first place." Good advice.

This book is translated from Japanese. Japanese craft books are the best! They have nice projects, cute turns of phrase, and beautiful photographs.

And at the back of the book are bios of all the kitties who contributed their hair for the projects!

Don't you think you should go and order this book right now?


  1. Getting back to the potager,how did you grout the bricks, is it just a sand mix and do you spray it then? The paths set the gardenoff so beautifully and once again, I love the shape of circle imposed on a rectangular section. Japanese are amazingly clever nimble people aren't they?

  2. Thanks Miriam! It's a special sand mix called Pave Lock and when you have swept it all between the bricks, you hose it and the water sets it. It's not as solid as concrete but it holds the bricks together and helps prevent weeds growing.

  3. Ruth, I know logically that using cat hair for crafts is no different to using wool, but it still creeps me out a bit, to be honest. Maybe I need help. A psy-cat-rist perhaps?

  4. Lyn, I wouldn't admit to talking to cats if I were you ;) But I know what you mean, it is a bit weird, but definitely not as creepy as things made of human hair! *shudder*



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