Thursday, 10 November 2011

A wander through the potager

Here are some photos taken in the potager last weekend. As you can see the mizuna edge has grown nice and thick. I gave it a light trim to get rid of the flowers, which promptly started to grow back again. I've sown a row of phacelia behind it, which should bring in some beneficial insects.

Chives are also making a pretty edging. I'm still undecided about whether I should edge the entire garden with chives, but I'm definitely lining each side of the main pathway.

The potager is a circle divided into four sections. To help me keep track, I named each quarter - First, Second, Third, Fourth. Those are the back, half round sections - the four middle quarters don't have names because they are kind of decorative, and I'm trying to grow similar things in each one to keep the look cohesive.

I'll show you what's in each section...

Third quarter - potatoes. I've got the left side already planted with Heather, and I've got some Desiree sprouting for the rest. The rather wilted plants at the front edge are calendula, volunteer seedlings that I had to shift to make room for peas.

Fourth quarter - contains broccoli which I looked after all winter, and which rewarded me by going straight to seed. Its days are numbered now... I'll be ripping it out this weekend and preparing the bed for beans and tomatoes.

First quarter - I just put in the stakes for the peas. The wonky line of the top stakes makes me think of several people breakdancing and doing the arm wave. There are cosmos seedlings at the back, which will fill out and make a nice feathery backdrop. I still love my leek and cosmos combo from last year, so I'd like to do that again.

Second quarter - kind of has the leftovers that didn't fit anywhere else! From left to right - carrots, garlic, cabbages,  leeks and broccoli. I don't think the broccoli will come to much, so I will probably pull it out and replace it with zucchini and peppers.

There's been plenty to harvest lately - peas, carrots, spring onions, lettuce, mizuna, rocket, silver beet, strawberries. I'm looking forward to plenty more to come.

How is your vege garden shaping up?


  1. I love your know it is one of my inspirations, don't you! I wanted my herb potager to be ordered...rings of herbs...but it has gone crazy with sage flowering and falling all over the place, and parsley that is 4 metres (not quite) tall. It is a wonderful, fragrant jungle!

  2. What a lovely tidy garden! The chives do well as edging.
    My garden has lots in it, flowers included but is rather wild with things coming up all over the place. At least the bees are happy!

  3. Hazel - herbs are most inconsiderate aren't they, mine flop all over the place too! Except for chives which make a nice polite edging.

    Bridget - flowers in the vege garden are great, and it's always good to keep the bees happy!

    HolleyGarden - thanks so much, I love it too :)

  4. Your potager looks beautiful. I admire anyone who can do this and keep it looking tidy. Well done!

  5. Your potager is really pretty! I like your ideas and design. It works well with your space. I love the idea of edging the beds with chives. That looks great! I could not live without my chives( Both garlic and onion). I started this golden snow pea late summer and they have these beautiful flowers. It is middle of November here in midwest , USA-zone 5. I have endive,chicory, snow peas,spinach, lettuce, mustard greens, cabbage, bok choy,tatsoi, Kale( a variety of types), purple carrots, beets, radish and some herbs left that are cold tolerant.
    I'm not too eager for snow. I have some hoops up to cover. I do have to pick the leaves out of my beds, but that is better than snow! robbie:-)

  6. Lyn - thanks so much! It has its untidy days too but I just don't photograph it then ;)

    Robbie - I don't blame you not being eager for snow! It sounds like you have a well stocked garden though, and that is a great feeling with winter coming on! Oh and you reminded me - I need to get some more garlic chives - love their white flowers.



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