Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Another gloomy winter weekend. Clouds lowering, wind blowing and drizzle weeping softly. Unable to take being closed inside any longer, I pull on my hat and boots and step outside for some fresh, if damp air. Wandering the fencelines, my gaze runs aimlessly over the shrubbery... needs pruning, has buds, shall I pull that out?, and then, my eye alights on it. Wintersweet! I know it at once, even though a month ago I didn't recognise the twiggy, spindly bush and I cut it well back, making a mental note to rip it out before spring. I'm so glad I didn't!

I cut some sprigs and the day brightens - literally, as the clouds choose that moment to blow away and let in some much needed sunshine. I bring the sprigs inside and the sweet fragrance fills the room. I detour out of my way when I enter the room, so I can pass near it and breathe in the scent.

All together now... sniff... ahh!

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