Monday, 22 June 2009

Weekend crafting

This weekend I spent a bit of time with my embroidery hoop and thread. I just wanted to play and not worry about finishing something, but it went fast and I ended up with this. Not that it is anything... I'm not even sure what it could be. A patch on a bag? A very small pillow?

My most and least favourite stitches next to each other... French knots (favourite) and satin stitch (least favourite).

I had so much fun I even sketched up a design for another tiny pillow.

I also decided to make an afghan for the couch in the lounge. All in one colour, since I'm trying to theme the room in chocolate and turquoise, and for some reason I decided it would be better to make a throw than to buy one.

But not quicker... nine down, and I don't know how many to go. The plan is to just make as many as I feel like, since the throw will be just for decorative purposes (ie artful draping over the arm of the couch). The design is Alhambra from Jan Eaton's 200 granny squares book.

But maybe I started too soon - I just love this delicate pattern from Mypicot. And it looks so pretty multiplied. Oh well... who says a couch can't have more than one afghan... just as long as the first one gets finished!


  1. Thanks for showing your beautiful creations, both stunning in my opinion. I always enjoy seing crafts I have not yet mastered myself.

  2. I love the embroidery! Your stitched hearts are perfect and the face . . . so original! I love your spontaneous creative endeavors!



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