Monday, 15 June 2009

Gardening on a winter's afternoon

Behold, my broccoli! Actually and rather disappointingly, it can be beheld in the palm of your hand. There are several other heads forming, and it looks like I'll have to pick them all at once to get enough for a meal!

I still have cauliflower, cabbages, bok choi, leeks, spring onions, broad beans and silver beet... none of it is quite ripe for the picking yet though.

Still boosting my hopes are these arctic tomatoes. Sown on March 26, they haven't grown very fast but at least haven't died. I won't be harvesting winter tomatoes but maybe some early summer ones? Has anyone grown these - what are they like?

When is the right time to prune a lemon tree? It needs a bit of a trim but I can't bring myself to chop off ripening lemons... these! I did however weed under the tree and give it a feed of epsom salts.

Then I inspected the flowers.

And Lui and I played a fun game where I would try to take a photo of him, and he would jump up, turn his back, walk away a few paces and sit down again.

Like this.

Until distraction struck - (birdie birdie birdie!!)

We basked in the brief sunlight until it began to fade.

And we were forced inside once more.


  1. Hi Ruth, I prune my lemon tree in August always on a clear preferably a little bit breezy day. I think you are supposed to do it before the citrus borer beetles? take flight in spring and summer. I'm no expert but it works for me. I always have to sacrifice a few lemons though.

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  3. Gillybean - thanks for the tip! I guess pruning in August is not so bad, because I know spring growth won't be far away!

    Hukumaru - thanks for your kind comment. You have some lovely bonsai trees on your site.



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