Saturday, 8 August 2015

Sweetly scented August

I've said before that winter is one of my favourite seasons for flowers, and here are three reasons why! Some of the very best scented flowers are blooming and blossoming right now. Any plant that flowers in the cold of winter has to try extra hard to attract pollinators, so these lovelies have a strong, clear scent that is easily capable of filling a room. First up are the bright and bold hyacinths.

 I keep this bowl of gorgeousness on my mantelpiece which is about shoulder height. Having them up high at nose level guarantees a beautiful gust of scent when I'm warming myself next to the fire!

 Next up is daphne. I have two planted outside my front door, so there is a beautiful scent any time I step in or out. The short little stems make ideal posies for egg cups and other tiny containers - I have one beside my bed and one in the bathroom.

 The high, sweet, slightly fruity fragrance reminds me of lollies... sweet dreams are guaranteed with this next to your bed.

 And of course there are my lovely butterfly cyclamen. I love the way the stems fall in graceful sweeps, which add plenty of movement to an arrangement. 

I'd almost go so far as to say that winter flowers outshine their summer cousins when it comes to scent. What do you think... do you have any favourite seasonal scented flowers?


  1. Hi, Ruth, sorry I haven't been to your blog some months. You're in spring now and we're in late summer. But I can't say what season it is because of cool days and cold nights. Love your hyacinths, do you force them? I do and in spring always have some blooming bulbs at home.

    1. Oh I hope your summer warms up a bit before the end! Yes, I did force the hyacinths. I also have some out in the garden but they sometimes get damaged by rain so I like to have them inside too :)



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