Sunday, 23 August 2015

Starting a new blanket and some colour play

 A couple of months ago I started working on a new crochet blanket. I like having a big project like this on the go that I can pick up and work on without having to think too much about it... it's good for when I want to work on something in the evening or while watching TV and I don't really mind how long it takes.

My granny squares start with a circle in the middle, worked with puff stitch. I started off using the Sunburst square design (as in the photo above) but quickly decided two rounds of puff stitch would look better. I've worked out how many squares of each colour I need, so I'm working on batches of the same colours at a time. 

 I'm really loving the puff stitch and it makes a pretty circle. So far I haven't gotten round to putting the grey square around any of them as it's too much fun just playing with these circles.

 Each of the colour schemes has put me in mind of different flowers or decorative combinations. The sage green and purple ones above reminded me of pansies and cyclamen leaves. The aqua blue and beige was perfect for midwinter.

As my camellias and hellebores have come into bloom I matched them to the circles. The tiny pink buds and blooms of daphne were tucked into this pink and blue rosette... wouldn't it make a pretty brooch!

I'm looking forward to spending time on this project over the next few months or years or however long it takes... I'm not one of those who can knock up a blanket in a matter of weeks. If you want to follow my progress as it happens feel free to look me up on Instagram, or keep an eye here on the blog for periodic updates.


  1. Those a really pretty colours. I look forward to watching the blankets progress - it might motivate me to work on mine!



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