Saturday, 16 August 2014

August flowers

Welcome to my garden for a small taste of what's blooming this August! I did wonder if I would find anything new to photograph at all, as it's definitely feeling like the tail end of the season now and anything still flowering is looking a bit tired. However there were a few surprises, like the jasmine I found trespassing over the fence into the neighbour's yard. When I pulled it back that particular part of the vine was covered with flowers! I am not sure why my flowering vines do this - no matter which side of the fence is sunniest, they always seem to push their way to the neighbour's side and flower there. Of course the neighbours don't mind at all, but I feel a bit put out. Plant - you flower for me, got it?

There are also small buds now to be seen on dormant plants like clematis, fruit trees and spring flowering shrubs. It won't be long now before everything bursts forth.

Clockwise from top left: snowdrop, a new hellebore called Tutu (see the frilly petals inside? And it was on sale so it's all right!), the first blossom on my almond tree (I hope the rest of them hold off till spring is a bit closer), polyanthus, ipheion uniflorum, camellia fairy blush (looking blossom-like in this picture, but it's been flowering since May), earlicheer daffodils, paper daisy, an opening bud of hellebore Pink Lady, the surprise jasmine, daphne (still smelling gorgeous), picotee hellebore.

Special mention goes to this picotee hellebore, mainly because I really like this photo. How is your garden blooming this month?


  1. Hi Ruth, I have been waiting for your posting. And as always, I love your August flowers! Each of the flowers and the way you presented it. I am glad to see Tutu, it has very beautiful color and frilly petals. Have a great week end. :)

  2. What a wonderful season of the year --spring, Ruth!
    I love these spring, fresh plants especially hellebore Tutu, that does not winters here, it's so pity...
    Your snowdrops reminded me mine when I was waiting the first signs of spring after long winter.
    Happy spring!

  3. Hellebore always looks so interesting to me, cause we can find it here. Your Tutu is really extraordinary hellebore, both color and shape look so gorgeous.
    Happy spring, happy gardening!
    Endah, Indonesia

  4. It seems like you have a lot of plants supplying beautiful blooms. The hellebore is so pretty. I will have to wait until next year for mine to start flowering again.

  5. Mmmm, I’d love to have your hellebore ‘Tutu’! My summer flowering hellebore have just finished – sadly no seeds this year either, and my winter flowering hellebores will start to flower in December or so, not long till to be honest, just 3-4 short months, can you believe it. Loved your collage of spring flowers, they are all so pretty.



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