Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July snapshots

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for a while waiting for me to find some words to put with it. I thought I'd better get onto that while it's actually still July! These are just some photos from around the house this month.

I've had hyacinths blooming in glass jars.

This really was the last of the roses for the season. The green leaves are Jacob's Ladder (polemonium). Such beautifully shaped leaves - they are perfect for vase arrangements as they seem to compliment every kind of flower and fall so gracefully from the container - very little arranging is actually required!

One of my winter pleasures is lighting candles in the evening. Especially scented candles and tealights in glass votive jars. 

 More hyacinths. This vase was a great way to grow them as the high sides supported the flower heads when they got too heavy. When they finished flowering I planted the bulbs outside and transplanted some not yet flowering ones into the vase.

 You might remember a couple of months I showed you some Instagram photos including one of a round blue crochet circle. Well, now it's a cushion! All I had to do was add a scalloped border and some crochet roses. Easy and cute. My crochet cushion corner is growing!

This was taken at the end of a rainy afternoon, where at the last minute the sun peeped in under the thick cloud cover. Then it disappeared below the horizon. However, I am taking heart that sunset is happening a little later every day... soon soon soon I'll have a little bit of light left at the end of the day.


  1. Wonderful, Ruth! Yes, I do remember your crochet, and the result is so pretty, round cushion with roses! Also I liked your tea cups, they are very elegant, especially the blue one.
    The hyacinths you forced are nice, and quite tall. When last spring I tried to force them I had small and short sprouts. Have no idea why. Spring is over the corner in your place!

  2. I always love every colour you have, my favourite is the hyacinth. Did you feed them with watersoluble fertlizer or just plain water?

    1. Thanks Hari. I just water them while in the vase. After they have flowered I plant them outside in the garden, and then I give them a good feed with blood and bone and leave them to absorb lots of sunshine. It's best to then give them the next winter outside, and bring them in for the one after that!

  3. Absolutely lovely photos, and as we are going closer and closer to autumn, you are getting spring soon :-)

    1. Yes, I can't wait for spring! The sun sets a bit later each day which makes me happy :)



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