Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A tiny posy and a little bunny brooch

 Two posies actually, one small and one certifiably tiny. I was browsing through home decorating magazines on the weekend and noted how vases of flowers were often echoed with a smaller bouquet containing just a few of the blooms, which is then placed on a side table next to a chair, or a bedside table, or some place that needs accenting. It's a bit too stylish to work in my house, where side tables are receptacles for all kinds of debris and a little vase would just get buried or knocked to the ground, but a tiny vase of flowers? Yes please! So I made up the two posies and just put them next to each other on the windowsill.

 Cecile Brunner has the sweetest little buds, I just love picking them even though they only last a few days.

And here's a little bunny brooch I made. I saw a picture of one somewhere online and even though I didn't save the picture, the idea hatched itself in my mind: I must make and embroider a bunny brooch! I sketched out the cutest bunny pose and gave him a ribbon bow and some flowers to sit in. After I finished I realised it looked kind of springlike, and wouldn't it be fun to make a bunny for every season? The winter bunny can have a scarf and a grey wool background. I haven't planned summer or autumn bunny, but since I gave this brooch away I will need to make another for myself! Something else to add to my project list...


  1. Beautiful posies! I hadn't ever thought of having a smaller vase mimicking a larger vase of flowers. Fun idea! I also like your little bunny, and a bunny for every season sounds adorable.

    1. It is fun, and the more flowers around the house the better, right? I just need to finish a project or two and then I can get started on my next bunny :)



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