Friday 23 September 2011

Spring crochet

 Edit Feb 2014: I've finally finished the blanket! You can get all the details here.

Brighter days and warmer air is calling me to make something in light and summery colours. My latest crochet project was inspired by the gorgeous Beekeeper's Quilt knitting pattern. I just loved the idea of making little woollen hexagons, that from a distance look like a patchwork quilt. There is a great crochet version of the pattern here, which I tried, but I found it time consuming and the hexagons were going to turn out very large. So I decided to make a simple hexagon shape worked in the round, keeping it to 3 rounds so it would be small and sweet. I've tried to work in sock yarn or the equivalent, so it's woolly and warm and there will still be a bit of drape. All the yarn is from my stash, apart from the blue and the coral which I added to give it a bit of pop.

The great thing about simple 3 round hexies is that they work up really fast! I make 3-6 at a time, sew in all the ends, then sew them together into the blanket. This has worked to keep me interested so far as I can see the blanket growing. It only takes 10 minutes to make one hexie, so I can get a lot done in an evening.

I'm imagining this blanket spread out on the lawn holding a summertime picnic. 

Are you working on any spring/summer projects?


  1. This blanket is just lovely- your whole blog really. I've been dreaming of a hexagon shape type "granny square" and of all my searching I love this the best! Have you or would you consider sharing your pattern and instructions? I'd be so happy and entirely thrilled! Either way I'll keep visiting and enjoying your posts.

    1. HI Becky, thanks for your comment. I'm trying really hard to finish this blanket (I've been working on it for so long!) and when I do I'll definitely give the pattern and all the details. I really hope to finish it within the next couple of months so do keep an eye out :)



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