Monday, 12 September 2011


This weekend I finished laying the blocks for the patio.

Here it is, with some hastily arranged pots. I'll plant them up properly in the next few weeks... I'm thinking  scented plants like lavender and heliotrope. We'll see, this is a shady spot so it might be ferns and hostas. I have a hydrangea to find a spot for too.

I'll probably change the furniture too as I raided this chair and table set from my other little sitting area. I'd quite like something rustic and timeworn so maybe I'll find something perfect at a market or second hand shop.

This was quite a full on job... the layout may be basic but those blocks are h.e.a.v.y. It took two weekends to finish. Hard to believe it went from this...

To this.
Just what I wanted.


  1. it looks fantastic! I imagine you'll spend many glorious summer evenings there. :)

    (also, I have the exact same table & chairs, haha.)

  2. Looks like a great transformation of a path that wasn't really going anywhere. I am inspired. Furniture also looks very comfortable even if temporary. It's snowing outside at the minute and pretty hard to imagine being outside at all.

  3. Thanks you guys... yes, good weather is definitely required to enjoy this space!



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