Sunday, 7 August 2011

Winter days

 Winter days are good for staying inside, snug in your little house. When the rain has stopped but the wind continues to howl a gale, put on a fire, light some candles, gather your blankets and settle in.

 I spent a bit of time fiddling with my blog template today. I chose a new background and colours... it seemed appropriate, since I spend a lot of time with my head in the clouds anyway. I also widened the layout so I can now display my photos in a larger size. I work hard in Photoshop to make each picture look its best, and it always annoyed me how small they had to be to fit in my template. If you want to change yours, this is a helpful tutorial. I still need to make a new header image, but I've had enough Photoshopping for one day.

 I found this sweet little house in a local op shop. A bargain at $4.00, and it supports the Cats Unloved charity, which I'm always happy to help. Best of all, you put a candle inside, and all the little windows glow. I'm already wondering how I can decorate this little house... some tiny flowerpots outside the front door, some little trees around, maybe some bunting...

Hope you're keeping snug and cozy. Today I noticed how bright it still was at 6pm... spring is almost on the horizon!


  1. Hi Ruth I like your new background, I just looked at your last post with the photos of the flowers do you use photo shop to put the photos together in one frame like that?

  2. Yes, I did use photoshop for that but you can also do it at this site: be warned it's lots of addictive fun!



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