Monday, 8 August 2011

Head start

My order from Kings Seeds arrived last week, just in time for the best sowing period this month (according to the moon). So I decided to sow a few things, even though it's early, just to see how they compare to the things I will sow later in the month. Usually I start sowing around the third week in August, which is still early, but fine if you have a glasshouse or sunny windowsill.

I was very restrained... I only sowed two kinds of tomato (Juliet and Brown Berry), lettuce (Freckles), cauliflower (purple and orange, and this will be my last sowing of brassicas until late summer), lavender (I got the dwarf variety, and I want to use it to edge borders and pathways asap), and sweet rocket (I don't know much about this one, but it is not edible and has sweetly scented flowers that bloom in spring and summer, so I thought I better get the seeds in asap).

I used my seedling potter to make some newspaper pots for the tomato seeds. The others went into plastic containers - one came from Bunnings on special with some tomato seeds, and the other came from the supermarket with yams in it - normally I never buy vegetables encased in plastic, but this time I knew the container would be as useful as the vege!

Then onto a sunny windowsill, which has become my little nursery. Two of the indoor cyclamens had little babies, to my intense delight as I've never had any luck trying to sow the seeds myself.

Over the next couple of months I'll be nurturing my little seeds - giving them water, moving them into the sunniest spot, and checking, checking every day for tiny changes.

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  1. I love the little house below, especially all lit up. There used to be a miniature house in our museum that lit up when you put 5c in the slot. i've just sown a few seeds myself but like you, have decided to leave the slower growing ones (like celery) for the next seed window.Maybe more warmth over time will get better results in the long run.
    I would have taken you up on the free tomato seeds offer but this year we are moving so I'm putting in a transition garden for others to reap. That in mind am going for the basic varieties for this climate, moneymaker and a beefsteak.



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