Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Winter Wednesdays #3

 Possibly the only good thing about the early dark in winter is that you have plenty of time to get candles going. I do love the flickering light, sparkling glass holders and the reflections they cast, and let's face it, it's just not the same when it's not dark. Lighting scented candles is now part of my evening routine and makes the room feel much cosier.

This post is in conjunction with Hazel's Winter Wednesdays series. For more winter cheer see this post.


  1. I'm afraid of my own candles but I like others'.

  2. I never use tapered ones in case they fall over, but tea light ones are good. And I like to have them contained in something too.

  3. We dragged our candles out with the power cuts, having not used them for years. I had forgotton how lovely candlelight was. As my eyesight slides into blurr I find I'm looking for brighter room light which is quite harsh.



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