Monday, 25 July 2011

The white stuff

 Wow there is some crazy snow around today! Yesterday we had a few sleet showers, nothing to worry much about. Last night as I went to bed it was sleeting a little heavier. Then this morning I woke up and... wow. Heavy, thick, cold snow. This doesn't happen much in Canterbury, in fact the last heavy snow I remember was about 1992! I took these photos at about 8am this morning and it was already ankle deep. It's now 11am and it's been snowing nonstop since then.

Let's take a little wander around the garden shall we?

The paths have all disappeared. Doesn't the glasshouse look pretty all coated in white...

...until you see how thick that blanket is! I hope it can bear the weight. 

 Everything looks ok inside. Even the little tomato (although I expect this will be the final straw).

Here is the potager. Somewhere under that blanket is broccoli, spring onions, garlic, lettuce, rocket, pansies, leeks, and broad beans.

 It looks so beautiful clinging to the wires and fence posts.

You can see how thick it is on the chairs.

 The birds are still out foraging. I'll have to put some more food out later and top up their sugar water. At the moment it's ice water.

This is the front yard and a poor sagging olive tree to the left.

I'm sure the monster lemon tree will survive. Or at least I sure hope so, the neighbours will be mad if it dies!

The pots on the front steps got a good dusting.

 Let's go back inside and sit by the fire. We can still watch it fall from the window.

I put my winter snowflake decorations up yesterday, not realising they would be quite so appropriate.

Well I'm off to make a cuppa now and sit by the window a bit more. Snow is lovely but it's much better enjoyed when you are warm and dry and watching it from the comfort of your fireside. Take care and stay warm, wherever you are.


  1. Hi Ruth lovely photos, the trees in front of the glasshouse look pretty with snow on them, we are enjoying the snow out here too, though sometimes it is best enjoyed from in front of the fire.

  2. i love the quiet of snow, the snow itself and the world comes to a standstill. I almost thought the photos were in black adn white. It's good to remember how beautiful it is before the thaw and the slush and mud. time for fires, steam puddings and hotties.

  3. Wow...snow! Thanks for venturing out to give us a garden tour!

  4. Steam pudding - brilliant idea! Not enough time tonight but I'll plan it for later in the week. Fire and hottie - every night, definitely.

  5. Awesome pics, we got a good covering here too!



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