Wednesday, 11 May 2011

White rabbits

 2011 is the year of the rabbit. Apparently, it should be a quiet, restful year, after the ferociousness of the preceeding year of the tiger. It favours home, comfort, peace and quiet. Life is supposed to come easily this year, and progress at a calm and leisurely pace with no cares or worries. I think we can all say a resounding YEAH RIGHT to that! 5.3 aftershock at 3am the other night? That's not what I call relaxing! Not to mention that our homes are being slowly but surely shaken to pieces.

 But anyway, let's not talk about that! Look at the lovely colours these chrysanthemums are turning. They start off peachy-apricot, fade to yellow, and then turn pink and mauve. Not to mention that they last a couple of weeks in the vase. Talk about good value.

 Dianthus also last several weeks in the vase - I'll make better use of them next summer! And yes, you can see I started another crochet project and didn't finish it. And no I still haven't finished the skirt.

I'm also planning a new project in the garden - a blueberry bed. I want to do something to break up the huge expanse of lawn, and I thought a bed here might screen off the "ugly neccesities" like the clothesline a bit. The bed hasn't been dug yet - this is a simulation using prunings to work out the right location and size. I think it will work. Now the ground just needs to be dug up, what a good thing Jon is on holiday next week!


  1. Such a great idea to use the clippings as a template, looks like nice sunny spot for fruiting plants too.

  2. You have been working hard on those flowers they looks pretty good, also they look like people have been taking proper care of them.



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