Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A cozy can

 There's something about being in the midst of a big crochet project, that makes me want to just put it aside and work on smaller projects for a while. Also I had this bulb, pre-sprouted, from the garden centre (because I'm nowhere near organised enough to do my own bulbs this year) and I needed something to put it in. And I realised a Whiskas jellimeat tin was the exact right size, only I would need to cover it with something.

 I crocheted this as a rectangle shape that wraps around the tin. As it worked up it made me think of baby clothes - the soft, delicate shell texture. It's hard to keep from picking up the tin and giving it a cuddle, but I think it will be very warm this winter...

 The pattern is Close Scallops, from The Crochet Stitch Bible by Betty Barnden. I finished with a row of single crochet along the top.

I did a row of sc along one edge, and made a loop of chains for each buttonhole. Then I just sewed some buttons on. It only took an afternoon to make this... I love projects that are this quick!


  1. How beautiful is that. There's something about bulbs that says never mind winter, spring is on it's way, even if it's only Autumn. And hyacinths, the aroma is lovely. That's going to be a real treat.

  2. That's right, there's nothing more hopeful than a flowering bulb! Come on spring.... you're only 4 months away...

  3. it looks great but the problem is that it can get dirt pretty fast when waters the plant or when fertilizes the plant. I would choose another color.



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