Monday, 23 August 2010

Dull days

I'm so sick of these dull winter days. Seemingly every day is cold and grey outside, with a chill wind blowing and specks of rain clinging to your hair and dampening your clothes and spirits. I force myself to go outside and mope around for a while but really I'm just killing time, waiting for spring when I can launch into action. I'm tired of all my indoor hobbies - tired of crochet, tired of movies, tired of baking, tired of the internet, tired of the couch and my blankie, tired of brainstorming ideas for a warm day, tired of magazines. Tired of everything except books - I spent most of today reading (The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder) - which did in fact make me feel better. At least I'm not snowed in by a scary gigantic blizzard.

When will spring come?

It must be getting closer because the birds are very active. We heard a scuffling and a squabbling and saw these two blackbirds having a go right outside the window. It was very exciting there for a couple of minutes.

In between moping, I have got a wee bit of work done in the garden. Not painting the trellis, but I'm still busting to do that - just need it to be dry, dry, dry. I got my apple and feijoa trees planted (I got a Monty's Surprise to go along with the Baujade apple) and discovered a hidden cache of glass medicine bottles when I dug one of the holes. No kidding, I must have pulled out 30-40 pill bottles of varying sizes and the same amount broken. Fun. Seriously, who decides it is a good idea to landfill a backyard with glass? Fortunately it's not everywhere, but I did uncover a couple of similar patches of rubbish (including glass, bricks, coal and rotted shoes) when I was digging up ground for the potager. Not cool.

I've also sown a few seeds, just peas and pak choi for now. It wasn't even a debate as to whether I should sow some tomatoes or not - it's just too cold and cloudy. I did transplant out some broccoli and spring onions from the glasshouse, they were sown about April/May. The garlic is looking pretty good too, so at least one little corner of the potager is productive. The rest of it will be too, once I get some nice weather to finish laying the paths...


  1. I am so jealous of your winters. There is no gardening to be done in the winter in ohio. Just snow to shovel and wishing it would be spring already. I love seeing your garden photos. I can't wait to see them in the summer, perhaps I will warm my winter days. :-)


  2. How awesome about the bottles. A bit like digging for treasure. I have a rubbish dump on part of our section too. The rubbish was all dumped over the bank...even parts of a whole car! and it is all old stuff. I must have sent away two wheely bins of broken glass and rusty tins, but finding the unbroken bottles is great fun. I've done a few altered bottles with the small ones.

  3. Erin - thanks for your comment, yes I'm quite glad we don't get snow! It's pretty but really just too cold and wet for my taste :P

    Corrine - altered bottles are a good idea. I had considered spray painting them, because they are just ugly brown glass. I wish they were those really antique looking clear ones that I could use for lovely flower displays. But who knows, I probably just have to keep digging and I'll uncover some...!

  4. Just found your blog while randomly searching crochet trying to block out the noise of my boys fighting/playing and wanted to say how much I like it, I love your photography, especially that shadow photo, and your style of writing. It seems strange reading about the depths of winter when we are in our 'supposedly' summer period, though rainy season would be more apt here in South Wales, Britain! x

  5. Thanks for your comment - I'm glad you stopped in to say hi. I enjoy reading blogs from the opposite season to what I'm in - it always gives me good ideas for the upcoming season (I'm a bit obsessive and like to plan in advance!) I hear you about the rain, wet days are so much more annoying when it's supposed to be summer!



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