Monday, 13 July 2009

Peas in winter

I sowed some peas last month, just out of curiosity really to see what they would do. Well, they grew, and today I noticed some had actually outgrown their punnet. I put some into a pot and then, out of more curiosity, decided to plant some into the garden.

To protect from frost, I split some plastic bags and tied them over strings wound around stakes. This will hopefully give them some insulation and maybe even help them grow faster... if they don't just keel over like the arctic tomatoes in the glasshouse did (the ones inside are okay though).

I've got 2 kinds of peas - dwarf massey and carouby (sugar snap).

And look... a little head of purple cauliflower! Here's hoping it grows a bit bigger than my miniature brocoli did...


  1. Good for you. Peas are fine in the garden in winter...even up here in the frost, They don't grow much til it gets warmer though. I have sweet peas that soldiered on all through the snow and minus 6 degree frosts. That brocolli head looks wonderful.

  2. Teriffic winter veges! I wish my broccoli wasn't frosted and I'd planned better for peas. I was much better organised last year. Love your embroirdery above. My son visited the Arts centre in Christchurch last week, I wondered if you had any work in there and wish I'd been on the trip with him to gain inspiration from your beautiful city.



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