Friday 10 July 2009

How to make embroidered jam jar covers

Cotton or linen fabric - plain, and patterned
Fabric ink pad
Embroidery floss
Hoop, needle and scissors
Fusible webbing
Wash-away marker
Round things to trace around (like bottles and dinner plates)

Trace around a small jar or bottle to make a circle on a piece of plain fabric. This is for the centre image, so you don't want it too big - mine were about 5 cm diameter. Either use a wash-away or fade-away marker, or use any marker and make sure you trim off the outline. Cut out the circle.

Cut a large circle from the patterned fabric (trace around a plate). Mine was about 18 cm diameter.

Stamp your design in the centre of the small circle, using a fabric ink pad. These usually require ironing to heat set. While you have the iron out, cut a piece of fusible webbing to fit the back of the circle and iron it on. Then iron the small circle in the centre of the large circle.

Put your fabric in a hoop and stitch around the edge of the small circle, using a matching or contrasting colour thread. I did one with running stitch and one with cross stitch, but you could use any embroidery stitch - even embroider tiny flowers and leaves.

Remove the fabric from the hoop. Trim the edges with pinking shears if desired, then put the cover on your jam jar. Hold in place with a rubber band and decorate with ribbons.


  1. Hello, I love this idea but have little experience working with fabric. Wont the fabric fray when you cut out your main circle?

  2. I found that the fabric didn't fray when I was working with it, probably because they were so quick to make up that I didn't handle it very much. But trimming with pinking shears is the best way to prevent fraying (also sometimes I cheat and brush a tiny amount of glue around the edge of a piece of fabric) :)



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