Monday, 25 August 2008

Back online and back on track

I have had a bit of an unplanned break from my blog, as our dial up internet connection began to rapidly deteriorate and I could barely have two windows open without it crashing. Needless to say uploading photos was out of the question! A couple of weeks ago I got a broadband connection set up and eagerly sat down at the computer to connect. Everything went well until it came time to actually connect to the internet and then we hit problems... no matter how many times we tried, it failed to connect. We rang tech support and were talked through numerous network and connection screens... we entered numbers, passwords and encapsulations... still no luck. The tech support man decided it must be the phone line. He announced he would send a technician out, and we never heard anything further.

I asked for opinions from computer-savvy friends and family members, who were all as puzzled as I was. "Are you sure the user name and password are right?" asked my dad. "Yes I'm sure!" I replied. Half an hour after that conversation it hit me... even though I had slowly and clearly spelled out our username "ruthandjon", what do you want to bet that the person on the other end put in "ruthandjohn". And that's what had happened.

Anyway, we got there in the end. And I have plenty of photos to show from the past month or so! In my last post I was moaning because it had been raining every weekend. Guess what, it still is. This winter has been the wettest and most stormy that I can remember. I had a week off work at the end of July and it rained every single day! We were supposed to go away for a few days but were thwarted by flooding.

But as you can see, in between the showers there were opportunities. The garden flowers put on their finery as they waited for the kiss of sunshine.

Even the broccoli was not to be outdone!

This was a project I started on my week off, and had to finish in a bit of a hurry after I left my all-time favourite (actually one and only) pair of fingerless gloves on the bus. This pattern is from Stitch N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker. It was quite fun to do: moderately difficult, but not super complicated. If only I could find super-fine fingering weight merino in other colours (except white and pastel baby colours), I'd make more!

I had a massive update of my flickr page yesterday and as you can see I played with fd's flickr toys as well. I have more photos to share here, but we are off to do the grocery shopping now. If you can't wait, hop over here and have a look...

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