Monday, 14 July 2008

In which Lui and I potter around the garden

Well, here she is. My new miniature peach tree, Miss Rose Chiffon. She is covered with the tiny beginnings of buds which will burst forth in early spring, and the fruit itself will be white-fleshed and red-tinged. I am already dreaming of jams, pies and crumbles. Hopefully mixed with apples from the two ballerinas...

Here is an interesting article if you are contemplating getting miniature fruit trees. I don't really have room for more, but in the future I want to get a cherry tree and an almond tree!

This afternoon Lui and I spent a bit of time in the garden. It was a warm afternoon, and dry! so we made the most of it. Checking on the bulbs, pulling some weeds, sweeping up.

We were happily surprised by this sweet little clump of irises! I thought it was great last year when they bloomed in August, so finding them in July is a treat.

And, now that my package has been received, I can show you what I made for the Little Critter Swap. Birdies! They spent a bit of quality time together before being cruelly separated. Purple Birdie flew off to a new home in the USA, with a melting bar of chocolate to keep her company. And Brown Birdie, well I kept him. What can I say? Look at his little feet:

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