Sunday, 8 November 2015

Snapshots - October 2015

Welcome to my little round up from October. Let's start this month's edition with a cute cat in a basket surrounded by lush green grass! This about sums up the mood at the start of the month - we are all excited to get outside and see what's growing. Grab a basket, sit in the sun for a bit and enjoy! When I was allowed to have the basket back I took my scissors and picked some spring beauties for my vases. Not the freesias though, as they were not quite ready - nearly though, and looking amazingly sculptural!

 I did have anemones and pansies to pick. Anemones are such great value, as they keep producing flowers as long as you keep picking them! They also look extremely pretty in flat lays.

 It wasn't too long before my new cherry blossom trees flowered for me. It was an agony of suspense as I waited for the carmine red buds to burst open. Would they be the pink frilly tissue paper blossoms of my dreams? Happily, yes they were. I spent as much time as possible hanging around their general vicinity, sitting in the grass crocheting while petals rained down.

 Here are some more beautiful spring pickings! Anemones, catmint and lamb's ears for the vase. And the first rose of the season to bloom in my garden! It's a lovely sunset pink climber outside my front door.

 Those freesias I mentioned popped open soon enough. I've already described them in previous posts so I won't go on too much, but they are wonderful cut flowers. Oh and here we have a picture of my crochet puff stitch circles, which have languished a bit this month while I have worked on other projects. I still love them and I had to get them out and take a picture. Looking forward to getting back to work on them, some time soon I hope!

 Outside in the garden, it's rhododendron time! Sometimes rhodies seem like a bit of a hassle for something that only flowers for a few weeks, but what a stunning few weeks they are! This gorgeous pale pink variety surprises me every year with how pretty it is. I always forget how the buds start off deep pink and fade as the flowers open to a soft blush.

 One of the projects I worked on this month was a hat! I made this for a gift but like it so much I'll have to make one for myself. It's by Mango Tree Crafts and you can find the pattern here. And here are some anemones on my deck... they just keep on going.

I am just love love loving all the blossom in the garden this month. Here is my Baujade apple tree looking gorgeous underplanted with lambs' ears. 

My main crochet project this month is still the Greg Mystery CAL. I've gotten a bit behind (mainly due to one of the squares and I not getting along!) so I've substituted it with another and am getting caught up. I'm a little bored with the oatmeal colour I chose, and I'm hoping I'll be able to add another colour when it comes to the edging. But that's still a little way off.

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