Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Snapshots from August

Hi again! This post is terribly late so I thought I better get it up while I can still remember details from August. The weather this week has suddenly turned springlike and my head is full of September, which makes winter seem a distant memory (at least until the next cold snap). It doesn't seem like very much has happened either... the last month of winter is always the hardest, when the rituals that marked the beginning of the season have lost their cosy aspect and started to feel worn and jaded. No more scented candles and hot chocolate, please!

One good thing about the sun rising late in the morning is that if you get a gorgeous sunrise, you can easily take a picture as you're leaving for work.

I never get sick of hellebores. Even when faded, they are still beautiful. And of course no matter what the season, I'll be working on some crochet with a coffee to hand!

In August the hellebores bloomed more profusely, and I was able to bring them inside for arranging. I love this simple hana style of ikebana. You've seen this photo of the gathered bouquet before, but here I have edited it to look like a painting! Skillz.

I've been continuing with my crochet puff square blanket. Some of the tail ends of yarn looked pretty turned into a flat lay. And here's a note to self not to forget that cyclamen flowers are great in a vase... They last for ages and if the stems are curved they make a great accent.

Here is Mr Lui giving the side eye. And another photo that I've edited into a painting! Can you tell that this month I sat inside and played on my phone a lot?

August was cold and very wintery. It rained a lot and a couple of storms blew through. Snow was forecast a couple of times but didn't eventuate, but it was still one of the winteriest winters we've had recently. The garden has been a bit slow to wake up, but I know that the mad growth of spring is right around the corner, and I'm glad to have had this time of rest.

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