Sunday, 19 April 2015

Crochet musings

 I'm nearly finished my Moonlit Night blanket. 99% in fact - so close I can taste it - but, as always happens when I'm close to completing something, I've lost interest in it and can't concentrate due to thinking about what I'll start next. So many possibilities! But before I start trawling Pinterest for yet more ideas, I thought I'd better cast around and see what else is lying around that I could do. There are plenty of other projects at the 80-90% mark, and also supplies I've bought and not got around to using yet... maybe just maybe I could actually use up something I've already got on hand!

 I've got this white jar cosy almost finished. All I have to do is edge it, and then I want to cross stitch a rose on it, a bit like this pin. I also have this pretty vintage pillowcase which I think will suit a pink lacy border.

 Every year I crochet myself a new pair of fingerless gloves. Last year I made the super cute Mr Fox fingerless gloves. This year I want to do this pattern by Crejjtion. I've even got the yarn, this lovely soft grey.

 I've also been obsessing over this hat - again, it has a cross stitch rose on it, clearly I need to make at least one thing embroidered with a rose before I'm able to move on! I still have this strip, left over from another project, to use and there should be enough colours in my cotton thread stash. Hmm, ponder ponder.

There's also a skirt which I want to hem with a lacy border and I'd like to make some more padded coat hangers. I've had plans for ages to make another crochet handbag and my life isn't really complete unless I'm working on some kind of blanket. So... there's no shortage of things to do, the biggest trouble is just deciding which project to work on!

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