Saturday, 20 December 2014

Summertime garden views

Hi again, and welcome to summer in my flower garden. It's getting pretty full in here which is good - more plant coverage means less weeding! I do need to get in there and tidy up a bit, especially the edges, and trim back the geraniums which have stopped flowering.

On the right is a mass of Queen Anne's Lace which has self seeded. There is also borage amongst it, so the bees are happy! I also have dahlias, catmint and lambs ears in this bed, and some tall dusky pink foxgloves in the bed at the back by the fence.

This penstemon has exploded in a mass of colour this season! The coral pink is stunning, especially when backlit by the sun.

Lui always enjoys prowling through the garden looking for catmint, well that and mice. There were some mouse families last year and he brought some of them inside... they seem to have moved on this year!

I'm edging a lot of beds with lavender as it's so easy care and looks gorgeous. You can never have too much lavender, and the bumble bees agree with me.

Lavender sachets for every drawer!

The sweet peas are also doing well and I'm picking big bunches a couple of times a week. I've also got some lovely self sown poppies this year. I had some last year but they didn't do any good - I've realised they don't like to be transplanted, so just have to wait for the seedlings to pop up and hope they're in the right place!

This variety is appearing in all shades of pink and purple.

Here's a picture from a few weeks ago when the peonies were still in bloom. Such show stoppers they are!

Now, after doing all those garden tours a few weeks ago, I want to add more garden! I thought about enlarging the garden by my fence (as seen in the first photo), but I don't want to lose the curve. So then I thought perhaps I could mirror it by making a curved bed opposite, so that there is a patch of circular lawn between two beds. I'd edge it on one side with lavender to frame the path and put some stepping stones through the middle. Half the bed would be quite shaded in winter but the other half would be very sunny... could be the perfect spot for my new peonies!

Anyway, whatever happens here won't be done in a hurry as we are still awaiting repairs to the path and driveway. So that gives me plenty of time to daydream...


  1. Wow wow wooww.... I really love your flower garden, Ruth. Gorgeus! I would love to have a sit at the patio, have a look at the garden and watch Lui playing with the mice.
    I have my yard paved, so I can't build flower bed, thanks for sharing yours, it feels like being there in the garden. You will have such a plenty things to do with the garden according to your plan, I wish you great time in the garden. :)

    1. Thank you Hari :) I do have a lot of plans and not that much time... oh well as they say, dreams are free! And sometimes the longer you dream about something the more likely you are to do it :) Hope you are having a nice time in your garden also!

  2. You took "decking the halls" to a whole other level! Awesome pics!



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