Monday, 17 November 2014

October flowers

 I've gotten a bit behind with my posting in the past couple of months but I've still been taking photos! We haven't had the best spring weather but luckily that hasn't stopped the flowers. I had a reasonably good crop of ranunculus (not all the bulbs delivered on their promise though) and the anemones were very impressive. I also planted some out some new plant including two kinds of viburnum which will be nice next spring when they've bushed out a bit.

Above, clockwise from top left: clematis montana, pink and white ranunculus, apple blossom, miniature blue anemone (a special treasure from the alpine plant show), pink rhododendron, snowball viburnum, pastel anemones (with petals looking like they've been brushed with watercolours), violets, viburnum Mariesii, yellow ranunculus, white ranunculus, red watercolour anemone.

 I used this vase to grow hyacinth bulbs in and it's also been good for showcasing smaller blooms. I just put a small glass bottle inside to hold the bloom. (The anemones last a long time in the vase, opening and closing with the daylight.)

 Cherry blossom makes a frothy background for this ranunculus.

I didn't have garden roses in October so I bought some from the supermarket to tide me over!

That was October in flowers - it feels so long ago now. November has been hectic so far but I hope to get a post together soon to show you what's in bloom right now in my garden. I also did some garden tours on the weekend and I have some gorgeous photos to share... soon I promise!


  1. Dear Ruth...
    Your October flowers are lovely....!! You have various kind of Ranunculus, I am jealous of it, and it is my pleasant to see them. I can't say one by one, I love all of your October Flowers. They are all special.
    Can't wait for your next post, Ruth. Have a great time...:)

    1. Thanks Hari! I love the ranunculus and look forward every year to them opening! They are nice as a cut flower too.



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