Thursday, 15 May 2014

Nearly time

You guys... it's nearly over! We're moving back home this weekend. The earthquake repairs are finally done and the house is freshly painted. There are a couple of door and window frames that I need to finish that weren't part of our repairs and I'll be getting onto that as quickly as I can so they're ready before winter. Then it's getting the house in order again... unpacking all the boxes and stuff that was crammed into cupboards, putting up the old curtains again (or maybe new ones? If I'm lucky) and rearranging the furniture.

These are some Instagram photos from the last few weeks. I had a bucket of feijoas to deal with. I made some feijoa chutney which turned out nice - sweet and spicy - and ate quite a few of them with yoghurt. The rest I eventually chopped up and put in the freezer. I have a recipe for a pear and gingerbread upside down pudding that's really good, and I'm thinking the feijoas would be an interesting substitute! In the meantime I have lemon drizzle cake to have with my coffee while I flip through some pages of garden inspiration.

The vase above is the one I mentioned in my last post. I love the geometric textured pattern, and it's a great way to display the last single blooms of the season.

We had to remove our lino in the kitchen for new flooring. It was leaving sticky white patches behind until I remembered that my craft heat gun was stashed in a cupboard nearby. A blast of heat made the lino lift quite easily - hooray!

Autumn's on its way out and mornings and evenings are chilly. I love a pile of handmade quilts and blankets on my bed. Can't wait to start a new blanket... just let me at my yarn stash!


  1. How creative you are Ruth! Love your blanket and quilts, always wanted to learn to do them.
    Have a wonderful days in your renovated home!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you'll soon be back HOME!
    Have a great weekend!
    xoxo Ingrid

  3. Hello Ruth! So happy to hear you are able to move back into your nest. As you move out of autumn, we are enjoying the beginnings of spring (a cold one, but the end of winter nonetheless). I look forward to seeing some of the knitted treasures you create.

  4. Moving back - it will be like Christmas re finding all your favourite things. And having all that separation anxiety from your craft stashes just boosts your creative juices doesn't it. Sewing day here this morning before an action packed fun afternoon. Watch my FB page for the afternoons activity, it is a surprise for Martin otherwise I wouldn't have been able to keep quiet about it, I'm so excited xx

  5. It will be really lovely for you to be back in your newly fixed up and painted home. Enjoy!

  6. Thanks for your comments everyone, I'm back home and slowly unpacking! It's going to take a while to get rid of all the boxes but it's great to be home.

  7. Great to hear your news, I am sure you will have everything in order pretty soon and get to enjoy everything. Have a good week!



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