Monday, 21 April 2014

Pastel nails

 As I mentioned recently, I've been doing my nails as a bit of fun and trying out some different designs. I'm not spending as much time at home in the garden so it seems to last a little bit longer. And I also discovered nail polish remover which comes in little wipes, which makes it so much easier to remove when it starts to chip.

Recently I was contacted by Julep who are running a Spring Nails competition. They are looking for spring designs from various bloggers. It's not spring where I live, but that doesn't bother me since I love pastels and flowers all year round! So here's my take on a cute pastel flower manicure.

 I used a base coat of white, then applied dots to make the flowers using a stylus tool. The round tip of the stylus tool makes the dots perfectly round and even, it works much better than a toothpick. I used blue for three nails and pink for my ring finger. Then I used a sparkling silver for the centre of the flowers.

These pastel shades are not the easiest to photograph! They are easy to wear though and a lot of fun... I'll be wearing this again no matter what the season.

Do you like to paint your nails? What is your favourite look?


  1. Ruth, you have very nice nails!
    I usually recollect about my nail color when I am not gardening. Working in the garden I always want my nails would be clean! But when I paint them I love the color you have on your last photo - nacreous.

    1. Thanks Nadezda, yes you are right they don't go well with gardening! I haven't done too much of that lately so I had to paint flowers on my nails instead :)



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