Friday, 16 August 2013

Project Life - May

Here are my two May spreads in my Project Life album. I like to lay out the pictures so that the colours harmonise as much as possible in the spread, rather than enforcing a rigid chronological order. In the first spread I felt that a unifying element was needed, so I added turquoise corners to some of the photos. This creates a flow to the whole spread. In the second spread everything went together pretty well. I just picked out some of the colours to accent with patterned paper, added a dash of journalling and some simple cut paper decorations, and a crochet motif. I seem to be running at a steady rate of about 2 months behind with this album, but that's okay. It's not a project that needs to be rushed.


  1. You're so talented to make such a buautiful album, Ruth! I think each photo is like a postcard. Especially love the crossing ankles in front of the fireplace. This album getting togehter is like some magazine or catalog! It's a good idea to put a crochet motif and patterned papers in it, which produces a sense of rhythm, I guess. The color combination of each page is great!!!

    1. Thanks Keity! I'm really enjoying this project. It's quite fun thinking of the things to put in the spaces where I don't have a photo too! I think I'll need to press some flowers for it this summer :)



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