Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Vintage-look birdhouse wall decoration

 Earlier this year I decided to make a birdhouse. Ever since I got my garden I've wanted to put a grouping of  rustic, wooden, handmade birdhouses somewhere together. I had some wooden planks lying around to use, and I figured it couldn't be that difficult to cut them to shape and hammer them together. (I'm a fan of the rustic look - imperfections are my friends!) I cut (with my hand saw) a couple of house shaped pieces, and they sat around the garden for a month or so while I debated whether to cut walls out of the same plank or look for some thinner wood. It was very thick you see, and would have made for a rather chunky birdhouse. I was also a bit wary of the drill attachment that makes the big holes; it would require a trip to Bunnings and some enquiring and figuring out on my part and I hadn't quite gotten round to it yet, not to mention what was I going to use for the roof? So all these things were percolating until it occurred to me... it doesn't need to be an actual house... I could just paint it to look like one! And once that decision was made the entire process became easy peasy. (Note: I didn't make the taller birdhouse, this tutorial is just for the smaller painted one.)

Here's how I did it...

 Supplies: wooden plank cut to a house shape (mine measured approx 20 x 11 cm), a small decorative picture frame for the roof, a chopstick, strong wood glue, paint in a light colour and a dark colour, sandpaper, varnish.

 I used the same technique as for my Vintage-look Garden Sign to distress the wooden house shape. Once that was done I painted a circle for the birdhouse hole. I then cut a chopstick to approx 2.5 cm long, drilled a short hole in the front of the house for the perch, and glued the chopstick in place.

A fancy picture frame makes a great faux roof! Mine was the right size so all I had to do was snap it in half diagonally, and carefully file and sand the sharp edges. Then I glued the pointed house roof within the frame. (Spray paint the frame before you glue it on if you want to change the colour.)

If you're going to keep your birdhouse plaque outside, give it several coats of a good outdoor varnish. Attach a wire or picture hook at the back for hanging, or just prop it up behind some pots!

Have fun creating your own birdhouse groupings, I'd love to see pictures if you make one!

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