Friday, 24 May 2013

Corners of my home - hot pink for winter

 I wanted to change things up a bit for winter with some warm throws, cushions and a pop of colour. I thought that if I kept throws and cushions neutral yet luxurious - wool, cable knit, etc then I could use grey and hot pink for the accent colours. I haven't really got any of those luxurious knits yet but I made a start on the hot pink! I found some great yarn at Spotlight on special, $4.00 for a really big ball. It was great until I actually started working with it and then I realised why it was so cheap... it was really splitty and not very well spun. However I persevered, mostly because I didn't want to go yarn shopping again (it was quite hard to find just the right colour!) and made the crochet bunting. It was just simple dc all the way so I managed to make the yarn do what I wanted.

I also used it to cross stitch onto this woven fabric. I'm quite happy with how this cushion turned out and it was very quick and easy.

I'm liking the hot pink accents in here now. It really brightens the room up and I sure need that in winter! It almost makes staying inside not that bad.

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