Friday, 12 April 2013

Daylight Savings

Now that daylight savings has ended and the evenings are darkening, I can't deny it: winter is coming. I'm trying to adjust but I always find it difficult in the first couple of weeks, when the nights are crisp but not yet freezing, and I have the feeling that if only it wasn't pitch black outside there's so much I could be doing. Even inside it's hard to settle, when each room requires heating and curtain pulling, so I pace a lot and stare at the curtained windows. It's hard to focus and impossible to decide which project to pick up, let alone work on it.

My book hoarding urge is very strong right now. I want books I know I will enjoy and I also want comfort - blankets, cushions, the fire going, bright lamplight. Baked puddings with custard.

Sitting on the couch, a book in hand, a blanket on my feet and a cat nearby... there are certainly worse ways to spend an evening!

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