Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sorting out the glasshouse

 It's Labour Weekend, which is the traditional time for planting out your summer crops like tomatoes, zucchinis and capsicums. However our weather has been all over the place - it was warm and summery today, but yesterday there was a frost, and a cold front is meant to blow in tonight - so I'm keeping my precious babies under glass for a few more weeks.

 I did pot up the tomatoes and capsicums who will be permanent glasshouse residents, and that required a bit of a reshuffle inside. Some of the tender plants who were overwintering under glass have had to make way.

 So far in pots I have seven tomatoes, five capsicums, two pots of mesclun lettuce and three gherkin vines. There are also all the punnets of seedlings I'm still raising. I grew all the tomatoes but one from seed, as well as the lettuce and gherkins, but I bought the capsicums as seedlings. I find them too fiddly to raise from seed without a heat mat or something, they take forever to come up so it's just easier to buy them as seedlings. Same for chillis, pumpkins and zucchini (although I have got a pot of zucchini seeds nestled in the compost bin, where it gets really warm, to see how they go).

My wooden chair still fits at this stage, and so does the Cat Mat and the Saucer. Mr Lui likes a selection of sleeping spots, and gave me the dirtiest of dirty looks when everything was out on the grass while I moved pots around. I managed to fit them both back in, luckily for me. Today he was sleeping in the glasshouse where it was around 30 degrees, and as he got too hot he would get up and move from the Saucer to the Cat Mat, stretch out, get too hot again, move back to the Saucer, stretch out, etc.

Little green strawberries are forming in the strawberry baskets. One has the faintest blush on it. Not long now...


  1. Very wise holding off planting out i think-were doing the same here, not that i've got much big enough to go out yet! My new thing this year ia aubergenes, and i'm beside myself with joy that i have four very little seedlings emerged!

    1. I haven't tried aubergines before... maybe next year, since the glasshouse is now full. Congrats on your seedlings, I hope they grow big and strong!

  2. Your glasshouse is looking very organised. I have planted my tomatoes, zucchini and some chillies although it's been very windy here (but not so cold as you since we are in Northland!).

    1. It does look organised right now, that's one of the nice things about spring before everything gets big and monstrous and sprawls everywhere... it was lucky I kept them all indoors as it was very cold and rainy today, windy too. Let's hope that's the last of the unsummery weather!



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