Monday, 17 September 2012

Spring posy

 This weekend I spent some time with my old library friend Vintage Flowers again. I was feeling inspired so I whisked into the garden this morning, scissors in hand and gathered up a posy of spring flowers. I made a hand-tied posy, which is a technique I love now that I've learned how to do it, since once tied you can pop the flowers into pretty much any vase and they'll hold their shape.

I had a few spare stems so I made a mini posy to go alongside.

The main bunch has hellebores, freesias and linaria, and the small posy has one freesia, one hellebore, one linaria and a few white carnations.

After my flower arranging I gave the garden a leisurely water. The forecast was for rain, but they said that yesterday too and it didn't do much. I decided to give the potager a good soak, especially the garlic, broccoli and little seedlings I planted out on the weekend.

 Shortly after that, I noticed dark clouds beginning to loom menacingly. I raced out and quickly picked some veges for dinner - carrots, onions, leeks and silver beet - all the time watching the clouds pile up overhead. It was like someone had drawn curtains across the entire sky. 

From day to night in an instant. And did it rain?...

 Oh, yes.


  1. Lovely posies. I always tie mine up too to make them sit nicely in the vase.

    1. It does make quite a difference, at least if they're going to flop they do it evenly!

  2. Spring pretty your posies......everything is turning brown here in zone 5 USA....I will be visiting more often to view your pretty potager as we are expecting frost this week...summer 2012 is in the past...:-) robbie

    1. Brr frost, yes we are still getting those as well, the weather has been very unsettled lately! Hopefully it will calm down soon and we can have a nice spring and summer. Hope your potager does well over winter!



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