Tuesday, 5 June 2012


When it's gloomy and grey or night outside, I light the fire and put on some fairy lights and take my coffee inside. Sometimes I watch a movie but I always like to have crochet in my hand. The summertime blanket grows slowly but that's what I've come to expect. For a change of pace I make little covers for rocks - they are pretty and quick to finish.

I've been painting a china cabinet to hold my vases and other pretties. It's all done except the leadlight doors. I got some carved bone handles to gussy up the front. (I'll dedicate a post to it as soon as it's actually finished.)

My little feijoa tree outside produced about three edible fruits. Luckily my neighbour dropped off a big bag and I used them to bake a feijoa loaf. Yum... I love this oddly tropical tasting fruit.

The wintersweet is in full bloom and the scent of it is in almost every room in my house. It makes this time of year worthwhile. (Please no snow tomorrow... it's in the forecast but I have to drive to Timaru! Let's hope that snow cloud just up and disappears)


  1. I like Feijoas too. I bought some from our local market on the weekend. I also like Feijoa vodka its the NZ 42 below brand. so different.

    1. I'd like to make feijoa jam next time, and maybe try making feijoa wine. So many things you can do with them!



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