Sunday, 20 February 2011

Smelling the roses

 My climbing rose Cecile Brunner has been flowering for a couple of months. You'll see her in the background next to my shed in the previous potager post. She gets a bit unwieldy this time of year, so I usually give her a haircut to tidy things up and hopefully encourage some more flowers. Then I take all the little rose buds that were snipped off, and put them in my bubble vase.

So pretty, and they smell divine too. I love the perfection of these tiny blooms - almost too perfect to be real. I like to put the vase beside my bed, from which spot it will perfume the whole room. Instant well-being.

 Today we went blueberry picking at Broadfield Berryfruit. It was the last day of the season, but we still managed to pick 1.2 kg of fruit. Then I spread them out on trays to freeze. Once frozen I scooped them into freezer bags. I'm looking forward to all kinds of blueberry baking... hotcakes, muffins, cakes, puddings... and after seeing this recipe on Bridget's blog, blueberry friands are also on the list!

I've always wanted a dollshouse with a miniature garden, and thanks to Tilt Shift Maker, this is what my potager would look like as a mini! Cute no? Lookit the teeny glasshouse! Bet there are no weeds to pull in a mini garden either...


  1. That rose looks beautiful, I'll have to put one in somewhere.
    Lucky you with the blueberry farm within visiting distance. I have a couple of bushes but got minimal fruit off them this year - I think I need to plant them in a better position, too dry me thinks! Enjoy the friands!

  2. You ok? Hows your little house? Stay safe!

  3. Hope you are OK up there. We're thinking of you all

  4. Yes we're hoping everything is O.K in your little corner and will keep checking the blogspace for news.

  5. Hope you are well, seeing all of the destruction makes me feel particularly helpless her in The States. Hope we hear something from you hear on your blog soon.




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