Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Tomatoes and garlic

Sorry to keep you all in such suspense with this, I know you were dying to know. The first tomato of the season was... Juliet! Harvested on 30 Dec. I do like this variety - it is F1, so obviously bred to be reliable. It has lots of fruit which are a quirky oval shape. They are sweet and firm and, most importantly, quick to ripen!

 Quickly following up were Brown Berry. I may have picked one before I left - can't quite remember - but I definitely picked them when I was home on the 7th of Jan. They are tasty little cherry tomatoes, but not too sweet (I'm not really that fond of super sweet tomatoes). And they ripen quickly too, yay.

This is Sunset's Red Horizon, which I thought would be the first pickings. I guess the size of the fruit is what's taking them so long to ripen - they are about the size of cricket balls now. Not far off tasting though!

Here is the garlic harvest, dug up on 27 Dec. I let it dry in the sun for several days and then plaited it using Gillybean's tutorial

 Then I hung it on my trellis to dry some more. ♥! I saved the five biggest bulbs for seed for next season and put them in a plait of their own. There's also a little plait of bulbs I had left over... the big one was getting unwieldy! Next time, I'll add flowers.


  1. I am sooo jealous...I can't wait for some of mine to ripen. But my garlic harvest was good too.

  2. The Juliet tomato looks a bit like 'Roma' to me, same shape fruit anyhow.
    Your garlic looks good. Ours was quite small this year (probably just too dry).
    Do you leave them hanging on the trellis overnight or just during the day?

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! Having a glasshouse really helps with the tomatoes - my outside ones aren't ready yet.

    With the garlic, I spread it out on the grass to dry for several days, bringing it in at night (I was worried it would get damp and mouldy if I left it out). So for the same reason I only left it on the trellis for one day - it is now hanging in my garage.

  4. I'm abit behind but the brick paths do look great. And it's the sort of job you do only once. It gives your garden a feeling of permanence whatever plants come and go. Brown berry looks particularly tasty.

  5. Looking forward to an update on your garden when you get the chance.

  6. Lovely pictures of a lovely garden/Gela



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