Monday, 6 September 2010


Today was a glorious day. The weather was balmy and warm, and everything was happy and sunshiney and just peachy-perfect... oh, as long as you could ignore the cracks in the roads and the rubble and the tarpaulined holes where chimneys had been.

For most of the past two days I've been staying at home, keeping safe and trying not to use too much water. On Sunday morning I went to the supermarket, which was busy but well stocked (not running out of milk and bread like the rumours said). I stayed at home for as long as I could but eventually I had to get out and just see for myself what was going on. Not being suicidal I haven't gone near the CBD, but here are some pictures from round and about...

Burst water pipes.

Formerly a dairy.

Condemned shops. I used to like shopping at Madame Butterfly's vintage emporium...

This is the fish n chip shop where we got our tea on Friday night.

Formerly a hairdressers.

I used to work in this building - not anymore. I still have a job, but we are relocating to temporary premises until a new location is found. (If I had been at work here when the quake hit, the outcome could have been so different...)

The Gayhurst Road bridge crossing the Avon river. You can see the tarmac has lifted up in chunks. I'm standing on Avonside Drive to take this photo - most of it is open again now, but further down the street is blocked off where a lot of cracking happened.

This church on Edgeware Road really took a hammering. See how the gates are all twisted at the front. A stained glass window has fallen out of that round hole.

This is the building behind the church. Such a shame to think of those beautiful stained glass windows being demolished.

I'm glad this is not my car.

I forget which street this is, but there are a lot of these potholes around. In a lot of places the ground actually liquefied which caused sinkholes, and in other places there are big piles of dirt and sand which has just bubbled up from somewhere.

Amidst all this catastrophe, mostly what I am thinking is lucky, lucky, lucky. Lucky no one died. Lucky that the city had plans for dealing with an event like this and that they seem to be running smoothly. Lucky that power is on for most of us. Lucky that most people will be able to claim insurance on the damage. Above all, lucky that me and mine and my little patch are safe and whole.

I am sure that in the weeks to come there will be plenty of things to be annoyed about, but for now I am counting my blessings.


  1. Hi Ruth amazing no one was hurt isn't it, when you see the images.

  2. Really amazing Ruth, you just have to stand back and marvel at the amount of destruction

  3. It looks like a war zone doesn't it. There's part of me almost wants to come for a look. I think that's the part that hasn't grasped the enormity of it and that you can't just wake up tomorrow to find things as they were before. Your pictures really bring it home and down to a personal level. Keep us informed.
    I need to introduce myself sorry .It's Miriam and I like to keep up with your blog via Island Gardening. I'm on my son's log in. Bye for now then.

  4. Hi Miriam, thanks for introducing yourself! So glad you popped in to say hello. Yes, it really is hard to grasp the enormity of the situation, even being here and seeing it all, it still kind of feels temporary and that things will go back to normal next week.
    Thank goodness for gardening though, which for me is a great form of stress relief!



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